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Quebec RIP Cup


A province known for it’s beautiful women, it’s good food (poutine being one of the main food groups around here!) and it’s great whitewater…

At this time of year, the weather that put our sport on ice is leaving… SPRING!  Finally!

To start the season off with a bang, the Quebec RIP cup is back for it’s second year!

This little known race takes place in the Jacques-Cartier National Park on the “Caché River”.  It’s is a team race.  The rules are simple: the two fastest paddlers to make it down this 1.3 km, class V, section win. 

Last year, was the first edition of the Quebec RIP Cup and the water levels were great!  It was pushy, scary and steep boating.  The winners had the honnor of having their names engraved on the tombstone like trophy.  14 participants took part in last years race and the team to beat is one made of Steve Fisher and Tyler Curtis.

The second edition of this race will be seeing great boating skills.  The Quebec locals didn’t like getting beat on there home turf so this year, were back with a vengeance! 

In addition to the honor of having your name on the trophy, we’ve stepped it up a notch… this years winning team gets a pair of tickets to fly to either one of these paddling destinations : Zambia, Norway or New-Zealand.

For information on the race, go to :

For a few pictures and a resume from one of last years participants go to:

and look up may 16-21 2006.

Hoping to see you there!