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Past few weeks in Norway

Hi all

Well over the last few week here in Norway there has been the Voss extreme sports week, Valldal summer games and Sjoa Fest. It is a pretty cool time of year to be a kayaker in Norway there are always great rivers to run, someone to paddle with and drink beers with…

The highlight for me after been stuck on a oil rig for a couple of extra days because of bad weather, was making it on the first flight back to Voss it time for the kayak races during Extreme sports week.

My favorite race of the event is is the Brandseth team race, where a team of three kayaks race down the legendary Brandsethelva which is full of long slides and drops.

Mike Abbott, Allan Ellard and myself where super stoked to paddle our way into second place even with no training, behind the super strong and well trained team of Sam Sutton, Michele Ramazza and Fillipo Brunetti.

Here is a Video Clip to give you an idea of the thrills of one of the coolest races in Europe.

This is a pic of something a little different and fun, surfing the Bulken wave that runs out of the bottom of the lake in Voss.