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One Day in West Virginia

Last weekend we took a little road trip up to Fayettville, WV to check out some of the rivers and creek surrounding the New River Gorge. Timing it perfectly with the rain, and with a super solid crew, we were able to paddle Mill Creek, Manns Creek, part of the New River Gorge, and the New River Dries all in one day, for something like 17 miles of paddling! Ranging from waterfalls, to steep boulder gardens to 40,000 cfs big water, the day held whitewater variety of every kind.  Here is a little video I shot with my gopro that day, enjoy!

A Day in WV!

This day was also a great test for my new Shiva, which I am loving more and more the more I paddle it. Its incredibly fast and really boofs better than any other boat ive been in, just check out how easy it is to keep the bow up in the video! I’ll leave you with this sweet shot of Mill Creek Falls, shot by James Lowry.

mill creek falls by james lowry