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OMOM – One for the road


After a month of paddling in the Telemark area of Norway we had paddled some great runs. Unfortunately our last trip on the Homerun section of the MÃ¥r ended in Hospital when Ed snapped his arm above the elbow on the 4th drop.


Homerun is a classic section of 5 waterfalls and is one of our favorites so we didn´t want to leave Telemark on this note. so myself Mark drove back and met up with Olav to give it one last run before moving on.


We had a great day with blue skies and good water levels. The first 3 drops were super smooth with no hard landings. Obviously the 4th drop was a little nerving after what happened to Ed the week before, but after lining up and taking the hit it was plain sailing down to number 5 and the take out.


So now i´m on my way to Voss where again surprise surprise the levels are high, should be fun!!