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Ohiopyle Falls Race 08

Falls Race

Here is a video from the event.
This Saturday was the 10th Annual American Whitewater Ohiopyle Falls Race in Ohiopyle Pennsylvania. Ohiopyle is my stomping grounds I think the first time I paddling the Yough river I was ten years old. This is a fun event for me because not only can I run a waterfall and do some competing but my father was able to run the falls and watch me compete. This year there were roughly 200 people from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and beyond in attendance for this years race and brutal freestyle event. The race involves a few class three rapids leading up to a 18 foot waterfall fastest times being around a minute. After the Race however there is a freestyle event which I ended up 2nd in this year. Falls Race is the only time when private boaters can legally tackle the Class III rapids and 18 foot waterfall because of the state park regulations. This is an obstacle that all of us kayakers are hoping to change. Here is a video from the event.