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Norwegian Summer – part one

I’ve already been in Norway for over 20 days now, and I’ve had some of the best times ever on the water. After a few years focusing on freestyle and having a hard times with injuries and recovery with way too much time out of the water, being back in Norway and paddling amazing white water everyday is one of the best feelings you can have.

Voss at night

Big Girl on the Eidsaa

Lucas Falls on the Urdland on my first day in Norge! 

It was here in Voss where I badly injured myself last year, running a cool rapid but misjudging it… I tried to learn from that and now I’m a lot more cautious when scouting or running a rapid. So far I’m super stoked about being injury free and just feeling better day after day.

I’ve been road tripping with Matias, Fred and Evan, Anton and Mikael and my brother Aniol who unfortunately got injured the first day I got here… sending him good vibes and hope he recovers quickly! We’ve been paddling a bunch, Voss, Telemark, Sjoa and a few more things around …definitely we’ve been super lucky with water levels! We’ve paddled some of the best runs in Norway, in incredible places, and there’s still so much potential… Norway really amazes me!


Here are a few photos from my first days in Norway, thanks fro the pics to Mikael Gillis Ekström, you can check some more of his amazing pictures from Norway here:

Other pics taken by myself.

 Thank you everyone who made my trip so good this far, a lot more to come!