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California Flooding

Here’s a little update with some photos of the infamous Yuba river and the recent flood.  Steady rains for 4 days with freezing elevation at 8000 ft, resulted in some serious high flows on all the creeks and rivers in the area.  I wonder what has changed (if any) in the Purdons to Bridgeport stretch of the South Yuba River?  …we’ll see soon.

The covered bridge at take out. This is the longest clear span of any surviving covered bridge in the world. Pretty impressive as giant trees would flip and rise out the water, nearly smacking into the old bridge.

The old 49 bridge and the massive sieve pile (covered = giant hole) marks the end of Purdons and beginning of “the 49” section.

Looking downstream at the put-in rapids. The portage around the corner was a MONSTER piece of whitewater.

Another look at the old 49 bridge. The ground was thundering and you could hear the boulders shifting and rolling…