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Norway Creeking Season starts with a bang in Voss!

norway-urdland-2009-20The first day of 2009 – Urdlandelva

Spring has sprung and the rivers of Norway are up and running!  Right now you can ski, kayak or surf, or do all on the same day if your up for it!  This is a pretty great part of the year as the trees and feilds colour up, the days get longer and the sun bring everyone out to play!

It was Sunday, time for Church!  Church this week would be the short but sweet Urdlandelva – a tributary of the Raundalselva 20 minute drive from Voss centre.  In the summer we drive over this one every day on our way to a Raundal Raft trip.  Today the flow was perfect, with just a little water flowing over a slab rock in the middle of the interesting rapid just below the take-out bridge.

Things start with a bang with steep rocky rapids, soon leading to exciting slides.  No sooner done with the slides you are at the edge of the main event – a  combo drop of 2 waterfalls.  The first fall has an fast lead into a narrow shoot, to a boily pool.  Right out of the landing pool your on your way to the second drop.  Things go white, you drop onto a ledge launch pad, the next thing you know your flying (falling) through the ice cold mist!

Once the adrenaline wore off we headed down the Ninja style boulder gardens trying to remember where the next fall was.  There is one more fall that is usually a portage,  but it has changed!  I was already half way done portaging, so we decided to save our luck for another day!

All in all, a great way to start another creeking season in the land where the sun sets at midnight!

Check out shots of the action in the Gallery HERE

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