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No more serious paddling this year…

The season is not that old yet, but it has already ended for me this year unfortuntely: Last week I got the confirmation that I have an herniated intervertebral disc, which was caused by kayaking and will probably keep me from paddling for the nexts weeks/months. Damn it… Hopefully it recovers fairly soon!

Anyway, my season so far has been rather average. Concerning slalom, I missed the selection for this year’s important international races. Concerning whitewater and freestyle paddling, we had a couple of really fun trips here in our area, but due to my paddling accident a couple of weeks ago not too many yet for me, unfortunately.

What is good though is that I have been able to give regular kayaking courses to university students here in Augsburg, which is really good fun to see them improve. Fortunately that is also possible with my spinal disc problem.

Sweet, I will try to put some photos online of the season so far within the next couple of days.