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Nano Review


Graham Seiler rollin into Frankenstein on the Green River

So I will start out by saying that I was a big fan of the Ammo.  Now I know that the Ammo had it’s issues.  It was very edgy, deep high knees,  and not really that fast, but I still liked it’s down river freestyle capabilities.   Making the Nano spot on was super important to me.  This type of kayak makes most runs that I do on the day to day much more fun and exciting.  In the last 4 days I’ve done 3 laps on the Green river and 1 on the Raven Fork river both in North Carolina.  These are steep runs, but runs that I feel pretty comfortable on.  For example, the Green river is usually run in a larger creek boat or long boat, however the Green is full of great splats, rock spins, micro eddies,  4 to 10 foot freewheels (which I love), and a few little surf waves.  Having the Nano out there just makes all those moves more possible.


Myself back freewheel, Groove Tube on the Green

For a typical day river running the Nano feels very fast for it’s size.  It has fairly low stern rocker.  This is giving the boat the speed as well as good tracking ability.  There is good bow rocker in the front and obviously a boat this length is easy to boof.  One thing that I was afraid of was tripping up on the edges of the kayak.  I found that the Nano is not edgy and very stable.  I think part of the reason is the more aggressive part of the edge stops about 1.5 feet from the back of the boat.                                                              Surfing the Nano is very very easy.  Combing the amazing hull of the Jed makes it spin and surf super well.  This is going to make the boat very appealing for folks interested in some wave shitz.   The cool thing about the Nano is with the volume you will not get edged around on your way to that sick wave.


Graham floating a boof at Frankenstein.

Overall, I am super pleased with the Nano!  I have been charging pretty hard in it so far with now problems anywhere with the boat.  I’m heading home for X Mas then off to the Grand Canyon for 3 weeks.  I’m going to be leaving out of the Fusion!!  Self support should be interesting.  Follow us here Other than that I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a brown New Years!


Myself on Gorilla.


Graham at Boof or Consequence.

Here is a short video of the Nano in action on the Nantahala River.