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More Euro tripping…

Bex Soca

Bex leading the way on the Soca

It’s been a few weeks since Bex and I packed up the van and left the rivers of the French Alps, and it’s been a busy few weeks.  Starting with a week of work and play in Slovenia, we met up with Chris and Tom at the Soca and had a fantastic time coaching during the days with a  great group and getting a few cheeky runs in on the Trnovo to Kobarid section in the evening.  

Soca Slalom course

Playtime on the Soca (photo: Chris Eastabrook)

Contary to popular belief, there is more than one river in Slovenia.  Bex and I headed across to the beautiful tonw of Bled and had a fun run down the Sava Bohjinca with a local raft guide.  Both the town and the river are well worth checking out if you are in the area.

Sava Bohjinca

Fun times on the Sava Bohjinca (photo:Bex Pipe)

Next up was Austria ; we started with a few days in and around Lienz, there is no shortage of paddling around here, not to mention the climbing, mountain biking, and trekking.  The rivers offered a nice mix of low volume continuous runs, especially the stunning Shwarzach, and bigger volume play runs such as the Drau and Isel.  The Z:one worked a treat on the bigger volume rivers, even managing a few ends in the playhole in town.

one cartwheel

Playboating the way it used to be done… (photo: Bex Pipe)


Continuous fun on the Shwarzach (Photo: Bex Pipe)

From Lienz headed north to Lofer for the Saalach and it’s tributaries and then on to the classic Alpine runs around Landeck and Oetztal.  I hadn’t been to this area in summer for a good eight years, so I was like an excited puppy running about trying to get as many of these classic runs that I remember getting a few exciting lessons on all those years ago…


The beautiful Hasselbach flowing into Lofer (photo: Bex Pipe)

In what seemed like no time at all, it was time to head to the airport to collect fellow team paddler Paul for and action packed (and coffee-fuelled) two-and-a-bit days in Bavaria and the Upper Rhine.  We are currently on the long drive North towards Norway and I’m not sure if it’s the excitment or just the coffee that’s making me twitch…