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Moose Fest

jared knifes edge

Jared skying it out at Knife’s edge.

As the leaves turn and the temperature starts dropping, it’s time for Team Pyranha to take our annual pilgrimage to Old Forge, New York for the Moose River festival.

This year brought warm and sunny weather- an oddity for Moose fest- which made a great day for paddling and taking pictures, and the party moving into the heart of Old Forge.

Nicole-moose put-in

Nicole getting some last minute sleep

Nicole-Fowlersville Nicole-Fowlersville

Nicole about to wake up- at the lip of Fowlersville. The Moose is characterized by big drops and big pools. There’s not much of a warm up before the lip of Fowlersville.

Jeremy Fowlersville

Jeremy in the Everest, getting ready for the hit at the bottom of Fowlersville.


Jared on Fowlersville

Fowlersville back ender

Backendering the Ammo at the bottom

Moose crowd

A crowd on the Moose

Matt Knifes edge boof

Matt Young boofing Knife’s Edge in the new Karnali

Dave agers rainbow

Somewhere under the Rainbow- Dave in the at Ager’s falls

Matt Agers

Matt at Agers

Jared Magilla

Jared running the center line into Magilla

After the river, we headed back to town to start the party at the Mountain Man shop. Matt Young and the boys put on a “How to pack for an overnighter clinic” and California expedition slide show, Matt Hamilton served up beverages- both hot and cold, and we talked boats and about the day’s adventures until it got too dark and cold and headed to bar.

Matt at Mountain Man

Matt at Mountain Man