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Mill Creek

I paddled Mill Creek for the 1st time around the age of 8.  Mill Creek is about 2 miles over the hill from my parents house in Clarion PA. It’s pretty much a class 2 with a few class 3 rapids. The real nice thing about this run is you can get off the river and be in the hot tub in like 5 minutes!  I always enjoy paddling with the family and local friends from my hometown here.  I have a funny story about it.  This must have been one of my first times down the creek and I was with my Mother.  It was high water in there, rain, lightning, just a real shit storm.  Myself, at the time being a very young timid paddler was quite scared, actually I think I was crying.  I didn’t want to continue down the creek.  At this point my Mother got out of her boat, took off her sock, and with the sock tied my boat to her’s and pulled me down there creek.  I’m not sure if she would remember this, but I will never forget it.  I guess that’s what family is for!!!  Thanks Mom!