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Means of Production 2 Premier: a Sockeroo!

On Saturday the 20th of November, Means of Production 2 premiered in Leeds for the 150 people lucky enough to obtain tickets.

Pre drinks

At 7 o’clock, the crowd began to gather in the bar.

Tony Bilbow introduced Mop2

at 8:15 everyone is seated, the room is packed, and Tony Bilbow (Means of Production narrator) gets the crowd warmed up before introducing the film.

it's finally over

Approximately 69 minutes later and Nick Horwood hugs a very relieved Max Bilbow; the film, it seems, is a sockeroo!

Tiger Tiger

Then, as in Mop premiers past, it’s off to our private room at Tiger Tiger where dress code begins to deteriorate as expected.

Max's mum

It appears that Andrea (Max’s mum) has been caught in the same outfit as someone else… how awkward.

Later on at Tiger Tiger

Fun times had by all,

Fun times

A great big thanks to Leeds University Canoe Club for organising the event, and to all the wonderful people who made the night a complete success… a sockeroo!

Photos: Paul Wilkinson –

Pre-order Means of Production 2 now from – Expected UK delivery: Just in time for Christmas


Means of Production 2 (approximately 69 minutes)


* 2x Promotional trailers
* The Making of MOP2 documentary
* Slow motion headcam edit
* Deleted Scenes
* Sat Nav Sam music video
* 5 hidden bonus features to search for!


* Ugly Duckling
* Frank Turner
* Sat Nav Sam
* Kae Sun
* Hurricane Sunday
* The Dub Dentist
* Danny Pig
* No Change
* Chris (the man in a hat) martin
* The Screaming Citizens
* David Benassi