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Lyons Mountain Games

A week after Teva Mountain Games came the Lyons Mtn. Games. This was one of the most intense creek races I have ever paddled, and a super fun play hole was also at the event. The first day was the playboating. Mike Paterson and Jonny Meyers killed it. Mike was in second after prelims and third after finals. Jonny got fifth after finals.


Mike Patterson about to throw down at Lyons Play Park.

The creek race was extremely technical. Adrienne Levknecht  took first place with a very impressive finish. I took second place, Jonny Meyers took third place, and Mike Patterson took fourth place. Overall, it was a great race and a great playboating competition.


One of the many safety boaters at the South Saint Vrain Race


Mike Patterson running the crux of the Saint Vrain Narrows