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Idaho can be summed up with a few beautiful statements; big water, very continuous, multi-days and awesome people. This state is very special! We were lucky enough to squeeze in two trips down the South Fork of the Salmon (one combined with a Sesesh) and spend a week on the North Fork of the Payette.

The South Fork is a true multi-day river for the soul. It is mainly soul boating class 4, huge wave trains and punch-able wave holes, although there are a few spicy class 5’s thrown into the mix also! This is the perfect recipe for a fun trip. The beauty of this river is that there are no portages and amazing camp spots, which means you can get very extravagant in the food department! I feel the pictures explain it all. This is a great river to have a big crew on, both trips we rolled with a team of 10.

Well the North Folk of the Payette needs no introduction but for the record this river lives up to its reputation! We were lucky enough to catch it a juicy 3800cfs. Hands down it is one of my top 3 day trip white water runs I have ever done! One statement I heard a lot form the locals “The North Fork don’t give a f@~%” and it is true it does not matter how good/accomplished you think you are this river can and does dish out!

Check out the photos! What a place.

I want to give a big shout out to the banks crew for making us feel so welcome and for Brian Ward and Colby in McCall, you guys are awesome. Cheers for everything! Hope to see you in Whistler.

Ye old faithful 2010 Burn did a magnificent job. I can’t wait to use the start using a new Burn. The word on the street is that it is awesome!

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