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Huckin Huge – World Records & more…..

Living in Bellingham, WA definitely has it’s perks.  One of those is the close proximity to some world class boating.  Just 20 minutes North is the BC border and 20 minutes East is the Nooksack River drainage, just to name a few.  I had just received my shipment of a new L Karnali and an Everest in Seattle, when I picked up Paul Gamache and we both headed back to BC to find some goods.

We definitely found more than what we were looking for.  We stumbled across the MASSIVE Cascade Falls.  After a long day of sussing out that beast, Paul gave ‘er and stuck it the next morning.  Turned out it was 108.2 feet tall….freakin’ sweet!  Check out for some screen shots of the descent.  Footage will be featured in the spring 09 release…. THE RISEN SUN.

Well after all that went down, I figured I’d give the new Karnali a test on Clearwater Creek, WA.  A fun steep thing just outside of town.  Dropping 450 feet with no vertical drop bigger than 4 feet, it spells for a great time of tight technical creeking.  I found the Karnali to be my new favorite boat.  The thing was built for this situation and made everything a class easier.  Stoked!

Check out the stern cam i built onto a L Burn.  This is Clearwater’s first coupla drops, and gives you a feel of what I’m talking about (were the Karnali test went down).   CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO and enjoy!