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Gringo Journal

A collection of short diary entries and photos from Mexico, December 2015. 

Day 1
The trip started off with a bang as we headed straight to Truchas, a cool little 20fter into a perfect 50fter. Waterfalls don’t get much cleaner than this, the only downside is a 80ft rappel down the side of an un-runnable waterfall. This was my first time abseiling and I was utterly terrified, if I could have found any way to avoid having to dangle from a rather long way up off a glorified piece of string, I would have. Sadly there was no alternative and eventually after several (hundred) reassurances that as long as I kept hold of the rope all would be okay, I pushed off from the edge and made my way down. I can honestly say I have never been happier to have my feet back on the ground. I was however even happier to be greeted with the feeling of free fall once again!

Day 2
I got to run the famous Big Banana section of the Alseseca, set in amongst a beautiful gorge this river is full of fun moves and great drops. My favourite drop being Silencio, a 40fter with a tricky little move at the top and a cave on river left at the base of the falls. Thanks to some huge boils at the bottom, the hit is really soft and boofing it is the line of choice to stay away from the cave on the left. It also feels amazing to fly off something this size and not even get your head wet.

Day 3
The Lower Jahlacingo has been one of my dream runs for a long time, featuring three main drops, Twisted Pleasure (50ft), Dirty Sanchez (40ft) and Dungeon (30ft) and a whole load more of good rapids and smaller ledge boofs this river quickly became one of my new favourites,

Day 4
Back to Big Banana. More good lines with good people and thankfully as of yet no time in the cave at the base of Silencio. Staying at Adventurec is awesome, all I have to do every day is go kayaking, food is there when I wake up and when I get back from kayaking, shuttles are easy and the only real hardship is the daily struggle not to open a bar tab… Living the dream! Can’t wait to run the Tomatas.

Day 5
Packing up and heading to the Rio Oro, meant to be a really fun, chilled out river with two 20fters, I don’t want to go but the boys are making me. Would much rather stay and run Silencio more.

Day 6
My school teachers were right, I am an idiot, I can’t believe I didn’t want to come to the Oro!
This river is amazing, tonnes of good ledge boofs, two great 20fters and the takeout is on the beach! It’s just like the East Lynn back home, except better in every way.

Day 7
One more day in paradise on the Oro and then we are packing up and heading back to Veracruz. Nine people, one van… No air conditioning… Living the dream?

Day 8
One of the biggest draws to Mexico for me were the two Tomata waterfalls.
Tomata 1 is a perfect 60fter that is pretty low stress and good fun to fly off. However just down stream lurks her big, bad sister Tomata 2. 80ft tall with a hard lead in and a technical lip, some of the world’s best creek boaters have consumed faeces of this drop. Finally going to get the chance to run the two Tamata waterfalls, been dreaming of flying off these two for so many years! Hopefully it all goes well!

Day 9
Had an okay line on Tomata 1 but I had the line of my life on Tomata 2! So stoked on it, didn’t even roll at the bottom!
One of the boys (Edward) had a great line off Tomata 1 but crashed off Tomato 2 and broke his back, took us forever to get him out of the gorge, but he’s in the hospital and is semi-alright, gonna work on getting him home tomorrow.

Day 10
Put Edward in the Heli to go to a bigger hospital to get checked out properly and then hopefully he’s gonna fly home. Sounds like he’ll make a full recovery in 6 months, phew. Scary stuff!

Day 11
Back on the water, went for a chilled lap on Big Banana. More (thankfully) good lines of Silencio. Also, gave in and opened a bar tab… Sigh.

Day 16
Had the hardest time finding this bloody book, it’s not in the last place you look, it’s in the place you could never have imagined it being in the first place. (Underneath some wet thermals) (Doh). Guess what I have been up to for the past few days? (Asides from looking for this book) Kayaking.

Day 17 
Went back to the Jahlacingo, Had good lines off everything, Starting to feel more and more comfortable on this river. Maybe my favourite creek run ever.

Day 18
More Big Banana laps.

Day 19
Today I ate faeces of Twisted pleasure, can’t believe my deck didn’t blow and that it only sort of hurt. So much for feeling really comfortable on the Jahlacingo.

Day 22
Packing up and heading home. Feels like I have been in a car crash. So sore, So worth it. Mexico is so sick! Can’t wait to come back…

Photos by Thomas Farren