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Gene17 Dart weekend and the official launch of the New Burn

This last weekend saw the annual gathering at the River Dart Country Park for the 7th annual Gene17 weekend organised by Simon Westgarth.

Just one of Dartmoor's Classic run's the Erme

Three factors meant this weekend was always going to be a great weekend, all the usual suspects heading to the same location mixed with a (heavy) sprinkling of rain and Pyranha launching the new Burn.


Sara showing the 2010 Burn's slide ability

Saturday morning saw frantic activity around the Pyranha stand as the majority of UK Team P were picking up their new Burn’s to go play, with padding being thrown around and some rather desperate sharing of a rather rubbish screw driver everyone headed out to go and play on the various rivers around Dartmoor.


Jo show upmost composure in the gorge

Saturday night was spent catching up, partying through the small hours and wondering if torrential rain outside would give enough water for some of the more adventurous Dartmoor runs.


Enjoying the scenery

Sunday came with a very thick head, but, the rivers were definitely up, so off to play again.

Rich showing off his Boof

So what’s the 2010 Burn like? Well when I was told the Burn was going to get a once over, you could probably hear me scream the other side of the pond! It’s no hidden fact everyone loves the Burn. So how could Pyranha possibly make it better? Well the guy’s in R&D have listened to you lot and given you something you’ve always wanted.


One of the more 'surprising' rapids

The 2010 Burn is still all Burn, but on steroids, its quicker, quicker acceleration & faster in a straight line. It hold’s it’s line better in the white stuff, yet a quick paddle placement and it’ll change direction on demand. More rocker and more carve means you be boofing and flairing your way down the river but still get that crisp Pyranha signature carve across eddy lines. In short it’s a lot of fun, if you don’t believe me go try one yourself, they’ll hit the stores in the next couple of weeks…


Adam Carving round in the Everest

See you on the River