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Из России с любовью

So… When Sam broke the news that our summer exploration of East Africa would be put on hold for a couple of major shoulder operations, I had to quickly find a new summer plan.

16m Kitoy - Max Bilbow

I can’t remember if it was my idea or if someone else put it into my head but I decided a thorough exploration of Siberian Russia might quench my desire.

Transport in Altai

Deciding that the best way to do this at such short notice was to find some Russians who already knew their way around, I came across Kayak USSR and Vasilii Porsev.

Vasilii Porsev

Kayak USSR run several trips in Russia and the former USSR from May to October and in return for my help and expertise on the river (and a little bit of cross-promotion; found here) Vasilii agreed to let me tag along for 6 weeks of the Summer.


My adventure began as soon as I landed in Irkutsk, with a 10 day self-supported expedition on the Kitoy River.

Fat Camp

This incredible remote river, in the heart of Eastern Siberia, involved a variety of white water, ranging from class 3 to 5+, and a fair amount of physical endurance!

16m in Sayan

Above: Max Bilbow paddles the 15m fall on the Ehe-Gol

The Ehe-Gol and Beluty are tributaries to the Kitoy and incorporate some of the most amazing continuous creeking I’ve seen outside of Norway, making the full day’s hike in worth the effort.

Pashka firing it up for the last waterfall run

The second part of this trip meant catching the Trans-Siberia railway to Novosibirsk and driving to Russia’s Altai region; a trip jam-packed with a huge variety of white water and shenanigans.

Is it a Pyranha?

And angry fish.

Majoy Gorge

My favourite Altai river (above) is the Majoy Gorge. 10km of solid class 4 and 10km of class 4/5 are separated only by a fantastically terrifying and committing class 5 canyon.

Karnali in Russia

After a few days sessioning the Majoy, it had become, in my mind, one of those great home runs, comparable to Norway’s Aamot Gorge on the Sjoa River.

Sliding into the choosman

And even though shortly after the above photo was taken I managed to break myself sliding into the water, I was able to limp down the rest of the river to film Vasillii running the last big waterfalls of the trip… in his new Karnali.

Vasilliy Tries out the Karnali

This trip signals the beginning of production for Means of Production 2, expected for release during December 2010.

To get a more detailed insight into the Kitoy trip (and soon the Altai trip), visit

That Kayak USSR cross-promotion again: