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Fun in the Ammo and Recoil

Let loose with the mighty Pyranha van full of demo boats can only mean one thing….

Time for some fun in the Ammo’s and Recoil’s!!!!

The Ammo Wants You

We were at the Nene White Water Centre for the third event of the Youth Freestyle Series here in the UK. In total over 70 kids truned up for the event to have training off the top paddlers in the UK and to have a fun competition to try and introduce young paddlers to the sport of Freestyle.

Richard Brooks, Loz Brown and myself helped out with some of the coaching before then having a chance to have some fun of our own while the competition was going on. When you have a full range of boats to choose from, the Ammo and Recoil are always tempting as something a bit different.

Jamie in the Small Recoil

I took out the Small Recoil for the coaching session and I must say I was really quite impressed. As an all round boat the Recoil is very easy to move around and amazingly forgiving as well as being a great play machine. The hull is super loose making spinning on waves a doddle and the ends are slicy enough for hours of cartwheel fun. With the extra length of the boat, it is so stable on end you can have loads of fun on eddie lines and splatting things….

Splatting the Recoil S

 Then it was Ammo time…


Playing in the Small Ammo

With the new Large Ammo in the van as well, we all managed to have an Ammo to play with. I took out the Small with Richard in the Medium and Loz in the Large. Of course we weren’t really testing the river running abilities on a small white water course but we gave their play-a-bility a good testing.

Loz in the Large Ammo

We all had a great time going for big pop outs and tailies and even the odd cartwheel. These boats are incredible fun and not one of us wasn’t smiling.

Photos by Jamie Burbeck, Richard Brooks and Loz Brown