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Fall creeking

After BeaverFest + a week hiking the Monts Groulx 12 hours north of Quebec City (and discovering dozens of possible stouts) I had to get back in my boat. Mastigouche Nord river was on the low side of runnable but I decided to give a go instead of running the classics around Quebec. We rallied a small crew and drove 2 hours northwest to Lanaudiere area.

What’s nice about this section is that you can park at the last huge slide (which is the take-out) and hike up 10-15 minutes to the first slide.

When we arrived and saw Chute du Calavaire, I knew it would be super low but still…we decided to give it a try – after all, 2 guys were at their first “creeking” experience ever. Not to mention that excitation/anxiety was palpable!

Paddler : Pascal Tremblay
photo : Étienne Béland

paddler : Étienne Béland
photo : Pascal Tremblay

paddler : Pascal Tremblay
photo : Étienne Béland

I’m in love with my Shiva! Super fast, boofs well, extremely stable – especially in aerated water and surprisingly easy to roll (easiest one I paddled). Didnt have the chance to test it with slides until now. Being used to ride the Burn, I was skeptical about the rounded hull into big slides. No more worries, the Shiva is perfect in every conditions!

paddler : Pascal Tremblay
photo : Étienne Béland

We would have like more water but its always fun to be on the river with good friends anyway.

paddler : Nicolas Roger
photo : Étienne Béland

Next step, MooseFest!