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Demshitz Stay out of Jail Tour 09



air brown

Dave Fusilli throwin up the air brown at the Reno River Fest.

Demshitz is here in Buena Vista Colorado for Paddle Fest! We have been non-stop from Cheat fest WV to Reno River fest NV and into Californ-i-A ! Check out some of the photos and videos from the trip so far.

cheat fest Demshitz booth demshitz checkin new boats
The Demshitz Kill it Tour kicks off at Cheat Fest. Live music, free beer, good friends, good kayaking, one of the best river festivals around.

astral yuengling

astral red bull

So we partied hard then drove hard all the way across the USA arriving in Reno Nevada with two more of Demshitz in the van topping out at 5.
Dog  Jeremy Laucks throwing some moves at the Reno play park.
Nicole Reno Nicole Mansfield going big in the small Rev.
nicole bx reno Nicole racing to a second place finish in the boater-X.nicole wins
fusilli throwing down reno
 Fusilli throwing the medium Rev around.
Now on to the good stuff. Whitewater boat riding in California is some of the finest in all the lands this time of year. Here are some shots of Demshitz falling off the Big Kimshew Creek near Paradise California.

jared f40Laying treats on the infamous Frenchies 40.
dave kimshew fallsDave boofing Kimshew Falls
group shot sb The show at the South Branch…good run for the Speeder?...
portage sb…probably not…
shanaynay sb
Our good friend Shannon Carroll blessing us with her presence on the pristine waterfalls of the South Branch day 1.
sb freewheelDemshitz likes throwin’ wheels!
cold water warm rocksSouth Branch is cold water, but the rocks are nice and warm!
jeremy sbJeremy on the South Branch.

nicole stout sbNicole dropping the Stout on the South Branch day 1.
You can choose to hike out of the South Branch after the 50 footer or continue downstream for more action, which requires portaging some huge waterfalls.
dave looking at the stoutsportage here
sb dave day2Fusilli showing us the goods on the South Branch day 2.

nicole 3 drop sbNicole on a sweet triple on day 2.

nicole sb day2 Nicole on the last drop day 2 South Branch.
After those two runs, arguably the two best runs in California and the world. We decided on a 3 day trip down the Middle Feather, one of the best California overnighters.
siphon dropDave on the “paddle at the undercut” drop day 1 Middle Feather.
dave mfeather beautyMiddle Feather Beauty.
camp mfeather Middle Feather camp day!…yet another use for the IR union suit…beer transferring pouch from the river to camp. How convenient! it also works great for sleeping in!

Jdog mfeatherJeremy big drop day 2.
jdog devils canyon Jeremy entering the Devils Canyon Day 3.
nicole mfeatherNicole posing at the “moving picture” one of the more beautiful waterfalls trickling into the canyon.
ridiculous stoutThe Ridiculous Stout in Devils Canyon, easily portaged on the right.

helicopter rapidJeremy giving all clear on the mandatory Helicopter Rapid in Devils Canyon…after an interesting backwards run of this beast.

mfeather Paddling out Day 3.
The Middle Feather trip is a solid couple of days of paddling through some of the most beautiful canyons in California.
perdonsS. Yuba Perdons to 4949 bridgeport49 to Bridgeport brownsJosh Bechtel was there!

Jeremy sy Jeremy making it look easy in a tight drop on Perdons to 49 paddling the New Karnali!

After we got off the M. Feather, we drove to the S. Yuba drainage for some super fun runs on Perdons to 49 and 49 to Bridgeport. Thanks to Macy Burnham “S.Yuba Master” for leading the way on this classic.

summit runscoutingeast west jaredgramos slaying the beast
Following up with the Summit Run to cap off our 10 days of boating in a row California kayaking extravaganza! 

Here are some other blogs to check out of the shenanigans going on out in California from the past weeks.

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Come to Paddle Fest tonight Demshitz The Movie premieres at 9 o clock at the recently opened Eddyline Brewery in South Main!