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For the last few days in N.Wales we have been having lots of rain but no rivers have been up during the day, except for a couple of cheeky Fairy Glen runs, so we headed off to the Dee that was running at 12 on the gauge, an amazing level for play boating.

After “borrowing” a couple of Demo boats from Paddleworks Daz Clarkson rocked up without his kit as it had all been stolen, forcing him to paddle in his pants with a borrowed pfd and deck. Bren and Myself are taking the Team van to the Thames weirs for a couple of days next week if you find us and want to Demo anything just ask.

Daz ripping it in the Loki

Me loading up for a blunt

Daz throwing the always classic windowshade in the Jed

Throwing down a blunt on the bottom wave

See you on the River,