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Chile Update

Demshitz here with a quick update from Pucon, Chile! This is my first trip to Chile/ first time paddling outside of North America. Loving life, paddling the goods everyday and meeting great people along the way is making this trip amazing. I have been staying at the Pucon Kayak Hostel, doing some coaching for Patagonia Study Abroad. This program is sick, learn spanish, video editing, and paddling the goods everyday! Heres a shot from David Hughes on our trip to the Rio Claro. This drop is called the Throat of the Devil, Garganta de Diablo. Once you run it, your committed to one of the most beautiful, tight canyons on earth. Its a very special place where you can feel the energy of the river. Rio Claro is a very special place, my favorite river I have paddled thus far.


Chris Morelli and Pyranha Shiva get committed into the canyon

This shot is from Tino Specht who was working real hard this trip to get some of the coolest shots I have ever seen. This is the “long crack” the river funnels into a boat width for around 70 feet. The canyon has some of the most unique rapids I have ever paddled.

Super cool 70 foot boat width slide deep in the canyon.

Super cool 70 foot boat width slide deep in the canyon.

The Nevados is a classic Pucon run when it rains, and we have been lucky to get on it a few times these last few weeks. The river is filled with sweet moves and awesome 20 foot boofs in a beautiful canyon. The Upper gorge ends with Demshitz Drop. Heres a shot of my first time dropping into Demshitz and the Lower canyon that follows.

Demz is here

Morelli sends Demshitz for his first time

Heres Clay Lucas sending the Wall Drop on the Upper Gorge

Shiva loves to Party!

Shiva loves to Party!

Uno Mas, this one is called Dulce Amor. One of the coolest 20 foot boofs on the river! A big wall grind lets you take flight into the last few drops before Demshitz drop, and the Lower gorge

Screen grab browns on the Nevados

Screen grab browns on the Nevados

Stay tuned for more Chile updates!!!


Cheers Chris Morelli