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Chile Photo-ings Round 2


Back in Utah now, here’s a quick photo update from our last couple of weeks in Chile; including the Rio Negro, Rio Nevados,  Middle Palguin, and a possible 1st descent on a Rio Curringue Tributary.

After hanging out in Pucon for a week or so, we packed up the truck, picked up Anton Immler, and headed down south for some cold weather paddling and exploration.


Left: Breakfast at our campspot among the stout trees near the Rio Llancahue

Right: Sunset at the Rio Florin


Enjoying the Nalca plants along the Rio Curringue, while waiting for Anton to run shuttle.  It tastes somewhat like celery and rhubarb.  Apparently it’s real good with salt.  But, we didn’t have any.


Fred Norquist and Anton Immler exploring an unknown tributary of the Rio Curringue.


Anton heading for another auto-kicker on the Rio Negro.


Dave Fusilli about to Brown.


Left: A bus stop on the way to the Rio Reyehueco, which one rainy night became our not-so-comfortable sleeping spot.

Right: Anton doing a lil siesta at the put-in to the Rio Puesco before the second lap.


Dave running the put-in slide on the Rio Nevados


Nate Mack catching air on the Nevados slide.


Left: Dave falling off the wall drop.

Right: Boofing the 20’er on the Nevados.  Photo taken by Laura Farrell


Dave about to enter the much anticipated Demshitz drop on the Nevados.


Photo taken by Laura Farrell.

Tossing my paddle on the Middle Palguin’s well-known 70′-er.  After witnessing a number of people run this drop, watching video footage of the line, and having dreams about it, I decided to actually try it for myself.  Motivation was low with cold weather, rain, and everyone dry inside a coffee shop.  But, it was Laura Farrell’s last day in Chile and my second to last, so it was go now or maybe never.  Eventually, we crammed 8 people into the Chevy Luv and headed to the Palguin.  Thanks for all demshitz who motivated, I can now sleep soundly at night.


View of Pucon and the surrounding watersheds from Volcan Villarica.

Now, I’m sitting on the floor of my dorm room into Alta, UT.  I went to work and skied today.  It’s quite a change.