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Dembritz in Chile too!

Well as you have seen from Nicole’s posts, Demshitz have been in Chile hitting up all the great rivers over here. But DemBritz have been here too, representing Ol’ Blighty. So I thought I would give you a few photos from us too. I have managed to meet up with lots of the American pyranha kids like Dave, Nicole, Jared, etc

Tzak Garnett Leevers on the park and huck at Coilaco Falls

Chile is full of clean, beautiful rivers and when the sun shines, there is no better place to be than hitting up one of the many park and hucks! It beats the Upper Dart in December anyway!


Me scaring myself on the 70 foot waterfall on the famous middle Palguin

There are plenty of boaters here to meet up with, and its easy to hire boats. You should definitely add Chile to your list of places to come – as the only British kayaker in Pucon right now, I need back-up to make fun of the Americans! The pictures speak for themselves 🙂


the absolute classic run- upper Palguin