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Big South

After 3 years of trying to do this river, running into problems usually with road access and or low water and or obligations with work etc., I finally got it! The Big South starts on the western boundary of Rocky Mountain National park and the 12 miles of pristine wilderness river runs through Cache La Poudre Wilderness Area.
bechtel hiking in Josh Bechtel blessing us with his presence walking down to the river.
demsnowsDemshitz walking on some snow


It’s a really chill run, mostly pool drop, a great river to get started into class 5. The 3 big drops, Cool World, Meltdown, and Double Trouble, are easily portaged, but Demshitz hate portaging, so we ran demshitz.
cool shot Cool shot of Josh
graham-coolworld Graham boofing Cool World
below meltdown Jared below Meltdown
doubletrouble-dave Me running Double Trouble (water droplet ruined the pic)

We did have one portage towards the bottom of the run. We called it Siphon Falls. The top part had some wood and a 10′ into an undercut shelf. We put in below it and it was A-ok to the bridge take out. Good times.

So, thats it for the demshitz tour. Graham flies back to his roofing job in Philly tomorrow, Jared is going to jail, And I am going to drive all over America in a few days. So, Ill let ya know when I get to kayak again, don’t hold your breath.
Demshitz will certainly be reunited by Gauley fest in September, hopefully sooner, but yinz should come dan ner in@ and have a few with dem.

Heres a pic of Demshitz going to court.
demshitz go to court