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Katerina Migdauova

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Date registered: January 3, 2012

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  2. Adrenalin cup – extreme team relay race — June 25, 2012
  3. Open European Championship Devils Extreme Race 2011 — September 13, 2011
  4. Freestyle Sopotnice and Prague – Troja — September 3, 2011
  5. World championship Plattling 2011 — July 15, 2011

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World cup 2010

Plattling was canceled, so only one freestyle world cup took place in Europe. There were about hundred competitors from four continent. It was fun, only the organisation was so slowly… But the Washmachine is so great. I like it! In the end I was on 7. place in my category. Regards.


Freestyle in Graz

Hi. I have new Molan S. I like it! I have to adapt fro it, but the jump is so high. I tried Molan in Plzen (second gualification competition for European championship) and in Ceske vrbne ( freestyle camp for beginners).


First qualification competition for European championship 2010

hi from Czech republic! The Freestyle European Championship will be in Lienz in June. The Czech representation have to compete in two competition. The first competition was last weekend in Ceske Budejovice. The weather was so cold, but the playspot was nice and cute.  4 women, 6 men and 2 C1 competed in two qualification …

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World Championship Thun 2009

Hi, I have some news from freestyle. Last week ICF World Cahmpionship took place in Switzerland. The wave in Thun was very changeable and not so big. But the event ran over eficient and thaks for organizers. More info and results:


Teva extreme outdoor games Italy

My favourite competition was moved to Val Chiusella and Ivrea’s artificial course this year. The event took place 14. – 17. 5. First day was individual race and „Top 20“ race on really difficult part of river. Secon day was scheduled team race. We are only me and two guys – Jan Lasko and Matej …

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Eurocup – Bratislava and Lienz

I participace two freestyle Eurocup in June. There weren´t so much people, but it was fun. The playspot in Bratislava – slalom course in Cunovo was sticky and strong, on th other hand hole in Lienz was quickly. I like it.   In Lienz I went from qualification from 3.-4. place to semifinale and from the …

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Freestyle in Kadan and Graz

I was in many paddling events in this spring. We had first Czech competition from CNAWR rodeo tour. It was nice competition in small town with good playspot. I was scond in qualification and unfortunately five in finals.   Other weekend I was in Youngsters camp, where we teached children some skills from freestyle. Nice …

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Paddling in Austria

I spent cuple of days with my Burn in Austiria. We pallded in Kopentraun, Untertalbach, Lammer, Loferbach etc. The water level was little higher, but it was fun.


Czech freestyle qualification

Hi, We had qualification for Worldchampionship in Thun 2009. I done it. And I will go there. We had two small competitions in Platling. There was the wave on rght side and the hole on left side. So I´m looking forward to Thun.  


Paddling in the Czech Republic

Hi everybody! I´m Katerina Migdauova and I paddle on Burn, 4-twenty and other Pyranha boats for a couple of years. I want to say something about the freestyle kayaking in CZE. Maybe somebody knows Czech playspots from the World Cup 2008 or Euro Cup 2005 and 2006. I study in Prague, here is situated the …

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