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Date registered: January 3, 2012

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  1. Small Burn vs Shiva Review — June 25, 2012
  2. Having Fun in the Small Varun — January 29, 2012
  3. Soul Searching and Lost Wilderness: Last Part — August 10, 2009
  4. Soul Searching and Lost Wilderness — August 6, 2009
  5. looping the Recoil — June 6, 2007

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Small Burn vs Shiva Review

When I heard that Pyranha was putting out a new creeker, I didn’t pay much attention because I’ve been so happy with my Burn, and I wasn’t looking to change boats.  Then when I saw the Shiva, I was intrigued.  My first thought was that it resembled an old Pyranha favorite of mine, the Creek …

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Having Fun in the Small Varun

I’ve been paddling in the small Varun since last spring and have been loving it! I love to do downriver play and to do class IV creeking in my playboat, so it’s been a super fun boat. Here is some footage from some North Carolina goodness, the Nolichucky, a class III play run and the …

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Soul Searching and Lost Wilderness: Last Part

Vacation vs. Expedition musings, Douglas Creek Revisited, and what’s at stake in the race for BC Hydro development. Check it our Here.


Soul Searching and Lost Wilderness

Leland and I headed out for our usual Northwest US and Southwest BC summer kayaking trip last July.  As usual, our kayaking trips involve adventure, inspiration, lessons, and new friendships. Enjoy part one of our report: River Gypsies Click on “River Gypsies Summer 2009 Trip Report #2″


looping the Recoil

We recently got out on the Chili Bar run on the South Fork American in California on a hot sunny day in our Recoils. At the big play hole – First Threat – I decided to see how the Recoil loops. Turns out that the boat loops great, and Leland got a nice sequence of …

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Northern California – North Yuba

Leland and I have headed to Northern California to research more rivers for our new guidebook, The River Gypsies’ Guide to North America. The North Yuba drainage turned out to be a class III/IV paddling destination dream! Check out our full update at Recoiling the big one on the Goodyear’s Bar play run.


Small Recoil Spring Break

Spring is here and its time to play! I just got the new small Pyranha Recoil and I have been dying to try it out. Its been very dry around here in North Carolina, but I kept looking at the rising water levels in West Virginia and decided it was time for Spring Break. Its …

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Last Mexico Trip Reports from Jan ’07

Sorry for the delay – we’ve been super busy with marketing our yoga products and putting together a fly fishing guidebook. It’s not all fun and games – we have to make money so that we can keep on boating and traveling! Part 3 of the trip report contains fun river running and playboating action …

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Small Ammo Review

I have been out on several rivers testing Pyranha’s new small Ammo this fall. Basically, I think the boat is HOT! Its the perfect boat for those class III and IV creeks and rivers with boofs and playspots. Its a fun little sports car that small folks are gonna dig. I wrote up a full …

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Pyranha Team members and friends at the Green Race 2006 (with pictures)

  I was stoked to see so many Pyranha team members out there racing and see so many Burns tearing it up! The Green Race was a huge success this year with a record breaking 126 racers! We are very lucky to have such a perfect river to have an event—classic class V rapids, no …

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