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Date registered: January 3, 2012

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  1. Spring Homathko — August 9, 2010
  2. Callaghan Race BC — August 9, 2010
  3. Stikine Video — May 5, 2010
  4. Dipper Creek BC — October 6, 2009
  5. Stikine — September 29, 2009

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Spring Homathko

In May this year Ali Marshall and Max Keinwasser completed the first spring run of the Homathko river in BC. This is one of the best multidays in the world as you journey though untouched wilderness and and class 5 canyons for 4 days.  When you reach the sea you get picked up by a …

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Callaghan Race BC

This year we resarected the great Callaghan race in BC. The medium water levels made for the the perfect race course. With a great turn out the race went smoothly, with only a little carnage.  A fun evening followed. A large reason for bringing back this fantastic event to to bring awarness to IPPs hydro …

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Stikine Video

Hey there Here is some video from our trip down the Stikine river last year. The footage is from Corey Boux and was edited by Steve Rogers Hope you enjoy the footage from one of the greatest rivers on earth Ali


Dipper Creek BC

Dipper Creek is an amazing run in BC that is a tributary of the Squamish River. Last week a team of six of us including three Team Pyranha paddlers (Ali Marshall , Cody Howard and Ben Hawthorne), paddled its second descent and ran alot of first descent falls in it. This river is VERY physical.  



In September this year,  three Pyranha team paddlers hit the Stikine including Ali Marshall , Si Tapley and Corey Boux. This has to be one of the greatest rivers in the world and is one of the most amazing experiences you can go through. The Stikine is back on the list of rivers to be …

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Metlako Falls

The other day I ran this amazing waterfall on Eagle Creek called Metlako falls.  The falls are named after an ancient Salmon Godess.  After an amazingly soft landing you end up in one of the most beautiful gorges in the world.  Thanks to the NZ boys I ran this with, Bernard, Jamie, Josh and Haden …

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Mugu Karnali

Hey there Ali Marshall and Pete Scutt just paddled the second descent of the Mugu Karnali, finding 30 miles of beautiful class 4/5 whitewater.  The team later walked up to the top of the runable whitewater of the Humla Karnali befor paddling 100 miles of 4/5 whitewater in 2 days.  An increadible trip. For the …

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The River Plym

The River Plym is one of the best Grade 5 runs in England.  It comes up after heavy rain and combining the Upper Dart and River Erme makes for a world class day of paddling. Ali Boofing For the more photos and the rest of the report got to Cheers Ali    


Greenland Expedition

Hey Last month four of us Brits went on the second ever white water expedition to Greenland. The team was Ali Marshall, Si Tapley, Mike Scutt and Graham Milton. Our aim was to paddle potentially the best river in Greenland. We weren’t dissapointed. We were paddling Everests and they were the top boats for the job. …

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