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5 Days on the Selway River With the Fusion


What can I say, I love classic multi-day River Trips.  There is something about casually floating downstream for a bunch of days, living next to the river without a care in the world that keeps me yearning to do more.  When my friend Dorrie asked me if I wanted to go to the Selway, I jumped at the chance.  I also thought it was a good opportunity to see how much crap I could cram into the Fusion.


The Fusion delivered in every area.  It paddled well loaded,  accepted an incredible amount of gear, handled the mini-Heineken keg that I strapped to the deck beautifully, and glided effortlessly through the long flatwater stretch before the take-out (with the skeg down of course).  The hatch made packing the boat so easy, and was as dry as dry could be.


The Selway delivered also.  The clearest water I have ever seen, absolutely beautiful lush scenery, sandy beaches for camping, salmon, awesome hiking, and incredible fishing.  It is no surprise to me that the access to the Selway River restricted to one launch per day during permit season.  Such a desirable setting would be overrun with people if such regulations were not in place.



Our team of 11 gelled together nicely.    It always surprises me how a group of strangers can become best friends after a multi-day river trip no matter what the length.


I am back in the Northeast now and summer is winding down, but the paddling is just beginning to heat up.  In a couple of weeks it will be Labor Day weekend, the official beginning of the whitewater dam release season in Northern New York.