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£35 to change flight – £400 in hospital to get well – £16 to rent jeep – £20 on Fuel – Running the Mae Pan Priceless!

It wasn’t until I looked down from the top that I realized quite how high 40 plus feet is, its terrifyingly high. Especially when my mind was already so set on the fact that within the next 5 minuets I would be sliding off the top of this thing, falling into what looked like a small pool from the bottom, let alone way above it! With Will and Stu back in the U.K and JP in hospital the only people that could come out to play were the Siam river crew!

Thunder cloud's in Chiang Mai - Photo Jake Holland

Thunder cloud’s in Chiang Mai – Photo Jake Holland

A late 11Am and we were on the road, I had found a Suzuki 1.3 petrol jeep for only £16 per day, which i truly cherish especially the steering which must be done on string! All of a sudden the car was rather Cramped with Bill, Tam, two girls that had appeared out of no where, and myself. But none the less we made good time over to Mae Pan, and I had even started to master the lack of steering!


To get into the Mae pan its a 15 min walk on an easy path, however to get to the put in is a different story! With a steep long hill to be climbed followed by a dubious lowering in’s of the boats by one person, while the other makes there way down an exposed ridge to the lip of the fall, before cutting back into the large pool above the Mae pan. How ever the battle does not stop here, the pool is manic with spray being hurtled around by the freak winds created by the giant water fall above!


It was a great drop, with the most amazing feeling as you rolled of the lip, looking down into that small pool, and it even gave out a soft landing! One down one to go! Tam who works for Siam rivers, is a bit of a lad, and decided he wanted to make his first ever water fall happen here, and why not? So he took up the challenge like a pro and nailed it! Good lad!


The fun does not stop here, after this I enjoyed the sweet pitted slide, which fires you down at an amazing speed, and if this wasn’t enough there are two nice boofs straight after! What a section!


And here is a video of the whole thing, enjoy! Be sure to watch in the HD setting which is available!

Mae Pan – Thailand

See you on the water – Jake