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1st Place at West-German-Championships


Already at 8 o`clock in the morning many paddlers arrived to practice bevor the competion had started. Fortunately we had great weather, good waterlevel, more than 80 participants and a big party at the local kajakclub, which also offered cake an coffee.

All in all a great event and especially for me, because I landed in 1st place.  Already in the prelim I was in 1st place with almost 400 points, but in the

final I could improve myself again and scored 555 points!




K1-Men: K1-Women:
1 GER Paul Meylahn NDL Quérine Wegmann
2 GER Christoph Kleemann 1 GER Andrea Kaspers
3 GER Robert Büchmann NDL Senna Spiertz
4 GER Martin Koll 2 GER Stefanie Bank
5 GER Philipp Vorbohle 3 GER Nadja Matschulat
K1-Junior Men: C1:
1 GER Eric Walter 1 GER Jonas Unterberg
NDL Lane De Meulenare 2 GER Sören Kohnert
2 GER Yannick Münchow 3 GER Max Reinhardt
3 GER Jörn Herrmann
4 GER Matthias Heidtmann




The video of the event is coming soon!!