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US Wildwater Nationals


I took the Speeder to US Wildwater Nationals on the Deerfiled River over the weekend.  It was different kind of competition for me.  I had a great time, and took down the rest of the plastic boats with the help of my good friend the Speeder. 

On Friday I took three practice runs down the course, which proved to be a mistake because I was kind of tired for the sprints on Saturday.  I persevered and won both sprint runs in the plastic boat class.  I was fast enough to take 4th even amongst the compisite boats. 

 On Sunday we had one run down a longer course.  After 10:42 of paddling as hard as I could I thought my heart was going to pump out of my chest.  It turns out I was the fastest plastic boat and the overall plastic boat category. 

 Wildwater racing is fun and the Speeder kicks Butt.

wwnats3.jpg        wwnats4.jpg

All photos by Patrick Rogers