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Upper Cherry photo dump & Colorado videos

cherry bomb Cherry Bomb. Also, Check out Demshitz @ OBJ and Yule Creek @ High Water videos!
The water was running low on Upper Cherry, and it was obvious that more water would make the entire river a lot harder, however all the big drops were a lot more chill. It was a fun 2 days hanging out with a great crew in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The 11 mile hike was insanity but well worth it; which is what we had to keep telling ourselves every time we picked our 80+ lb back packs.
dave&nate Fusilli and Nate Mack not even close to the river.
matt Young CBfalls Matt Young NateCB Nate Mack NDCB Dave Fusilli, all hitting some crazy aerial moves off the Cherry Bomb.
cherry bomb gorge Andre and I below Cherry Bomb


Im not even sure where this is…
daveteacups Cool shot of Dave in the Teacups.
california groove tube California Groove Tube
_dsc0218.JPG 20′

matt in a gorge

Matt Young in a sweet gorge!
kiwi in the pocket Kiwi in the Pocket aka “Kirk” in the Pocket that day!
dave-kiwi Dave on Kiwi in the Pocket
dave-deadbear Dave running “Dead Bear” Falls
deadbear Dead Bear
tow out In-tow. Clutch 5 mile tow-out by the nicest fisherman alive on our second day. What a trip. Middle Kings tomorrow…hiking in for 4 days of California Goods! Check back for more to come!