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Two Girls in the “Lechschluchten”

After a playboating session in the washing mashine (Augsburg) friday night, Birgit and I drove into the alps in order to run the Lech Gorge. I was quite exited, as it was my first time trying out the Ammo S and then two girls alone on difficult whitewater is always something special for me. We had a great time on the water and a perfect weekend.

In the beginning I was a little bit skeptical, what I should think of the Ammo, but after a few rapids I was faszinated. I have never paddeled a boat before, which is so easy to boof. The boat is light and easy to manoever. For sure it is short, but it doesn´t feel slow at all. This seems to be the right creekboat for girls. And still it is fun to play in it.