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Too Much Fun at “Beaverfest”


Chris Morelli in the midst of all the wonderfulness that this year’s Beaver Fest. had to offer. Photo: Joanne Tognarelli

This year’s “Beaverfest,” was special.  This classic event, which has been held annually for the past fifteen years offers up some of the finest paddling in the northeastern U.S. and this year saw some stout racing competition.  The combination of the unusually dry summer and amazing three days of weather jacked the participation level of paddlers and racers waaay up.

Fredy Riner, all the way from Switzerland enjoying his first trip to the Adirondacks. Photo: Patrick Rogers

I’m honestly not sure what I’m most excited about from the weekend.  The triple participation in the King Of New York Races from the year before, the awesome paddling, the unbelievable weather, or just the fact that I got to hang out with so many great folks I don’t get to see that often.  This weekend is also very special for me because as a full-time teacher it usually marks my final weekend of freedom before i head back to work for the next ten months.  

Chris Morelli dialing in his race line for the Raquette race. Photo: Patrick Rodgers

Both races over the weekend saw huge participation.  The race down the Eagle section of the beaver was a short, hard effort with a crux move in the middle that rewarded technical paddlers and crushed dreams of victory for those that missed the move.  The energy of the race added a lot to the atmosphere of the whole afternoon.  With the format allowing paddlers to select their own start time it was important to choose a time when the “coast was clear.”  Unfortunately my selections were poor and both my runs were slowed slightly by other river users.  Regardless of my result it was a blast of a race, and my sub-par performance only fueled my fire for the Raquette the follwing day.

The race on the Raquette was longer with bigger, more difficult rapids.  Racers came from two provinces of Canada and all over the Eastern U.S. to post their time on this Northern classic.  It was a great way to unofficially end summer.  I can’t wait to get the opportunity to race on these rivers again next year.

check out the full results at

Ryan Mooney firing the Moshier Spillway. This kid is sixteen years old and absolutely killing it. Photo: Alan Pane-baker


If you haven’t made it to Northern New York for Labor Day Weekend yet, put it on the calendar for next year.

The man responsible for all the fun, Chris Koll photo: Joanne Tognarelli

I was having so much fun paddling at “Beaverfest” this year I didn’t get a chance to pull out my camera.  All of these images are courtesy of someone else.  thanks a lot to: 
Alan Panebaker
Joanne these guys are going to have a sweet edit from the races coming out shortly.  I hear it’s the best “Currents” episode ever!!!
Patrick Rogers-
King of New York Race Results can be found at