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The Climax Wave

While hanging out in Idaho we heard about the Climax wave on the Main Payette. With a brief description from some local guides on how to get there we drove along the quiet Main Payette till we found some whitewater. After a couple U turns we found it, a really nice looking green wave with foam on top.

This was also my first opportunity t try out the new Pyranha Jed! I was super stoked on it on the wave, it felt super loose and fast, way more than what I was used to before trying it out, and felt it carved and moves around the wave really well, with ease and precision. The clean blunts were amazing, super easy to throw and land and feeling super good!


With no shade around and over 100ºF we parked and jumped into the water. The wave was really good but trickier than it looked. After a few rides I started to figure it out a bit more but still felt all the time I hadn’t been in a play boat, fir quite a while!

With no boaters around we were exhausted in no time, so after a swim we drove back to Banks and looked for some shade to camp. Amazing day surfing an amazing wave!

Pics by Alícia Casas

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