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The Ashlu River Spirit…Winning NPFF!

A couple months back, Todd Gillman (fellow partner in The Range Life) called me suggesting that I try to crank something out for the National Paddling Film Festival. On a short timeframe (9 days!) I started to edit some of the footage from the summer that we had shot and eventually came up with a 12 minute edit titled “BC Summer 2006”. It was not quite what I wanted, having some additional footage from several other missions I wanted to include, but nevertheless I got it in the mail.

Came home two days ago to another call from Todd saying that I had won “best overall” at the NPFF. So stoked on this! Here is a link to the winning film

BC Summer 2006

All the footage we shot in the Ashlu this Summer was the icing on the cake I think. Such a fun project. Here is a shot of the zip line rig we used for the aerial shots.
Zip Line set-up on the Box Canyon of the Ashlu River
photo copyright Todd Gillman