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Teva Mountain Games – Steep Creek Race

Josh B Homestake

This year Teva Mountain Games competition really stepped up with the international field growing substantially. For those of you who don’t know about it, the Mtn Games is one of the best events in the US. The results of this race are held in high regard for most creek boaters out there, being able to challange themselves against the worlds best. During the week you can check out Mountain Bikers, Runners, Climbers, and many other athletes who come from around the world to compete in Vail Colorado.
Pyranha paddlers were out there representing with Josh Bechtel, the Demshitz crew, Jeremy Laucks, and myself to name a few. The water flows were good, it was actually sunny and not snowing like last year. Here are some of the men’s results:

Name______________COUNTRY_______COMBINED TIME

1. Mike Dawson________NZ__________3.41.63
2. Tao Berman________USA__________3.42.67
3. Pat Keller__________USA__________3.44.29
4. Honza Lasko______Czech R.________3.45.75
5. Sam Sutton_________NZ__________3.47.70
6. Todd Anderson_____USA__________3.47.81
7. Andrew Holcombe___USA__________3.48.61
8. Chris Gragtmans____USA__________3.50.24
9. Ron Fisher_____Switzerland________3.51.03
10. Brad Ludden______USA__________3.52.38
11. Bryan Kirk________USA__________3.53.74
12. Kasper VonK..____Nethr._________3.53.86
13. Dave Fusilli_______USA__________3.54.20
If you get the chance in the future make sure to try to make it out to the Mtn. Games in Vail during the first week of June annually.