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‘Oh, Shit!’ Moments

My most recent, ‘Oh, shit!’ moment was more intense than any other I’ve ever experienced before or ever hope to in the future. Last week, while paddling the Upper Jondachi with two of my favorite paddling partners and friends, the


All You Need Is Ecuador

On Christmas day I flew to Ecuador to spend 3 weeks doing what I love most; white water kayaking! Fall had been incredibly busy, and I wasn’t sure I would be able to make a paddling trip happen this winter. Last year, I had my first international kayaking experience in Ecuador and it changed my …

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Ten days in Ecuador

I asked a friend a while ago when a holiday becomes an expedition – his answer was that if you come back weighing less than when you left, it’s an expedition. Whilst I like this definition, it was a moot point on this trip. There was no way it could have risked turning into an …

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