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Enrredadera Mission

Last winter Rok and I spent 2 months kayaking around Chile. We paddled 21 different rivers and each one was something special. But there was one which I remember the most. It’s tributary to Futaleufu and people call it  Enrredadera. This was the firs river on our trip that we reached without car access. The …

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Futa Fest 2013

Futa Fest happened the last weekend of February 2013, from the 21st till the 24th. Everything happens at Cara del Indio, so have to thank Luis and Nivia for letting us stay at their campsite next to the river. In my opinion the Futaleufú is one of the most fun and friendly rivers in the …

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Futaleufú love!

I was starting to feel good in the water, confident, stronger and less worried about injuring myself again. Mid January we packed our stuff and started the drive down south to the mighty Futaleufú in Patagonia.   Futa is definitely the place to be right now, the perfect place to heal up completely and enjoy …

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