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Futaleufú love!

I was starting to feel good in the water, confident, stronger and less worried about injuring myself again. Mid January we packed our stuff and started the drive down south to the mighty Futaleufú in Patagonia.


Futa is definitely the place to be right now, the perfect place to heal up completely and enjoy kayaking to the fullest. Such a good river.. so much fun boating every day on big warm water and great weather surrounded by some of most beautiful scenery you’ll ever find. In love with this place!


Many sections, good rapids and great people make for a perfect day on the turquoise blue waters of the Fu. We’ve paddled every day since we got here, enjoying every section and rapid the river has to offer and even a great play wave that comes in when the level is right.


Good friends, asados and the great kayaking lifestyle make it the best place I can think of right now. Actually I am super stoked on the river and the place as I didn’t remember it to be that good on my previous trip down here during winter 2007. I guess I’ve changed and learned to enjoy things a bit more.


Photo credit to: Jakub Sedivy, Kalob Grady, Aleix Salvat, Marçal de la Fuente

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