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Slip Sliding Away

What do you do when you get a bunch of boaters in prime Welsh creekin’ territory, all with the anticipation of some damn fine creekin’, onlt to find out, whilst the rest of the country has been under water, Wales has been mildly damp?


Take your boat for a walk up Snowdon of course! The Cwm Llan Slides…

The Cwm Llan runs almost directly off the face of Snowdon, right next to the most popular path up to the summit. The walk in is hot sweaty business, even in the depths of winter. The monotony only broken up by the witty comments of bemused walkers rambling past. Once you’ve hiked in, it’s time to turn around and head for the river, theres only one line, down!


Myself trying to look like i know what i’m doing!



Lucy and Sara, not only showing the boy’s how its done, but that not all school teachers wear jumpers with elbow patches


Adam ‘carvings not just for waves’


 Me showing a little more control, and shouting weee like a small child…

Mental Note: next time remember to pack the elbow pads – Welsh rock is harder than my weedy elbows!