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Skook session with Jed

Skookumchuck in British Columbia is one of the best waves in the world. It goes from flat and foamy, to tall and green by the end of the tide cycle. Its’ ocean waters are the perfect temperature, its surrounded by rugged mountains, and wildlife is more abundant than humans. These, among others, are the reasons the Pyranha van ends up there every summer.

Skook scenery

I’ve spent the last 2 summers living in the van with Craig and Dave, however last year I was unable to go because I didnt have a passport so I spent the week living in Washington in a tent while it rained non-stop. This year I was determined to make the trip and experience Skook for the first time.

where is this state called BC?

Dave had gotten hurt earlier in the summer and he was still at home mending his broke shoulder so that meant we were down a man. We did however have some friends come meet us for the trip, team paddler Pete Delosa and his wife Amy drove up with us, and we picked Brent and Kerry up in Vancouver. Craig was the only one who had been to British Columbia before, so he was stoked to show us around.

Pete soaking it in

The boyz waiting for the wave


Video of our Skook session :


Thanks to Amy Delosa for hanging with us in BC, and the pictures, we couldnt have done it without ya!!!