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Sjoa Fest 2009

sjoafest-ula-04It was that time of year again!  When kayakers gather from all over Norway and Europe to party and paddle in the Riksanlegget Kayak Camp besides the Sjoa River in central Norway. This year saw the comeback of the mighty Ula race, all sorts of fun and games with rafts and a gruelling multi-sport race for the keen!

liz and I arrived on Wednesday afternoon to be accosted by Pete Vikers and a miss-fit raft race team.  The promise of fine whisky convinced us join a race in the slowest river craft known to man, and try to make it go fast!  This ended up being an entertaining event with semi serious teams of rafts guides and groupies.  Amazingly we ended up in second place, which considering most of us were not full time rafters was pretty good!

sjoafest-pimpin-12This year the Sjoa Festival had all sorts going on in an attempt by the organizers to make it the ‘best ever’ – You can see more of what went on here or here. As you can see it appears there were actually 2 festivals going on at the same time, with almost the same name, slightly confusing, but all good fun.  We were there for the kayaking and to party!   Wednesday night was the party of all parties, the Pimp and Hoe extravaganza.  This is basically a good excuse for everyone to dress us as dirty as possible and show their true selves!

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