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Season Ending Injury



I feel really lucky to have paddled whitewater for 17 years and remain injury free.  Last Saturday it all changed.  I sustained a shoulder dislocation while paddling the Moose River during the annual Moose Fest.  I wish I had a better story than, I ran a big rapid, braced wrong. and it just popped out.  I’m off the river til spring, but I’ll be back hungrier than ever.  I learned three things from this experience and I’d like to share them. 

  • Do Your Rotator Cuff Exercises-if the smaller muscles around yor shoulder are strong you are less likely to have a dislocation. 
  • Keep Your Hands Low-Even if you think the rapid is easy
  • Educate Your Friends and Yourself About Shoulder Reduction-A lot of pain and damage can be avoided with a prompt reduction.  This was not the case with me. 

Below is a photo of Team Member Ryan Mooney sending the rapid that got me…Crystal