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Scotland in the new Burn

Since getting hold of a new large Burn nearly 2 months ago now Ive been getting out on the water in it as much as possible, spending 2 weeks in Scotland and also trips to North Wales and the Lake District in it too.  I can honestly say that the design is fantastic and all of the subtle tweaks from the previous generation burn all add together to make a very noticeable move forwards from the last design.


The new Burn is fast and nimble

Ive paddled the new Burn in a range of waters from low volume creeks and slides, to pushy high water runs, through to the big volume rapids and it has excelled every time.  The boat is fast in the water, gathering speed through holes and waves, whilst still retaining control throughout.  The rocker profile is improved and skips easily over the top of the water, with the deck shedding water quickly.  The edges feel good and are very smooth in the water, with a little bit of practice you can get the boat to make some impressive, dynamic moves, with the boat responding well to changes in your body position.  For me the sitting position is fantastic, with lower and narrower knees giving you greater control and better connectivity in the boat.  The new seat is the best version so far and the option to raise the seat and to change the angle all make for a comfy paddler.


The Burn’s flat hull makes surfing green waves easy

I’ve found that the boat does favour a positive approach to your paddling, responding well to getting weight over the front of the boat when charging for must make moves and eddys.  With the boat being quick, it does like to be driven and I’ve been loving picking up speed and flying through rapids with it.  The boat boofs really easily and the improved bow rocker picks up with very little effort, proving that it is more than capable when the river gets a bit steeper.

Falloch Wide

More than capable on the steep stuff – The falls of Falloch

One question I have been asked a lot is which size of the new Burn would suit me best?  I weigh in at 80kg and paddle the large comfortably.  If I was to be carrying more kit and equipment for overnight expeditions or was simply going through bigger water I could possibly opt for the XL.  If I was paddling more steep creeks or dropping off big waterfalls on a regular basis I would be bringing out my Shiva, but for a boat that I can paddle pretty much anything in, run rivers and coach from the large feels just right for me.

This boat is fast, nimble, accurate and exceptionally versatile!