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Reno River Festival

This weekend was the Reno River Festival. Team Pyranha was there in full force to do some Freestyle and Boatercross, and get some creeking and partying in between it all.

Dave Reno loop

Dave looping the Rev in Reno

Friday was the open freestyle, the chance for those of us who weren’t invited to win our way into Saturday’s invitational event. With only the top 3 making it through to the Invitational, it’s pretty fierce competition.

Graham and Lawerence in Reno

Graham and Lawrance warming up

Jeremy Reno Clean

Jeremy Clean Cartwheeling in Reno

Jeremy Loop Reno

Looping the Rev

Lawerence Trickywu

Lawrance looking for the Tricky-Wu

Graham and Lawerence in Reno

Graham and Lawrance getting psyched up

Tyler Reno Loop

Tyler looping

When we laid the cards down, I finished 5th, two close spots out of the big show. Dave Fusilli killed it, winning the open competition, and moving on to Saturday’s event.

Dave loop Reno

Dave Scores

Dave checking his score from this first ride in the Invitational event. Dave ended up finishing 12th, meaning he’ll get invited back next year with the full rockstar treatment.

After the freestyle event, we decided to load up the creek boats and head into the mountains to the Summit run of the South Fork of the Yuba. One of the things I love about these events is the sense of camaraderie- it took a good bit of borrowing of gear, boats, and what not to make this run happen, but in the end we all had a great day.

Load of boats

The old “floating boat” trick

Rainbow lodge

Putting in below Rainbow lodge

Dave Rainbow

Dave in the first set of slides on the South Yuba

Jared Yuba Boof

Jared boofing

Dave Yuba Scout

Dave Scouting “Three blind mice”

Lawerence 3 blind mice

Lawrance in “Three Blind Mice”

The run ends with the impressive “East meets West” drop.

Jared EW


Lawrance EW


Dave EW


Sunday it was back to competing, starting with the downriver race. Graham fired up the Speeder to take the win, and then it was on to the boatercross. I got knocked out in the first round, getting edged out at the finish by a hair.

Reno Boatercross

Conner watching boatercross

Conner watching the boatercross

Dave and Graham both made it through to semis, where Dave got off the start fast and clean, and had so much of a lead he coasted to the finish. As if that wasn’t enough, in the finals round, he repeated the same routine for the win.

Reno Boatercross

Dave way out in front in the Boatercross finals

Reno Boatercross Awards

The big winner

With the Reno event over, the boys are off to California next, while I’m flying back to Colorado for some early season paddling there before we rendezvous for the Colorado Kayak Supply Paddlefest next weekend.